About GDA


The Association affirms that

  1. Oral Health is a right and must be accessible, affordable, equitable, appropriate and available at all times to all the people in Ghana.
  2. Oral Health is an integral part of General Health of the people of Ghana.
  3. It is committed to partnership and collaboration with all professions and groups interested in seeking optimal oral health for the people of Ghana.
  4. It is committed to the welfare of members of other health professionals as essential to the achievement of optimal oral health care delivery.


  1. To continuously promote good oral health amongst all people of Ghana, through participation in the development and maintenance of the highest possible standards of healthcare delivery in Ghana.
  2. To seek the total welfare of members of the Association.
  3. To maintain the honour, dignity and professionalism of the dental and medical professions.
  4. To develop partnership with all stakeholders who subscribe to and support our philosophy as outlined in Article II.
  5.  To remain true in carrying out our activities at all times.