Becoming a Dentist in Ghana

Before applying to dental school, you must determine whether it is the right career choice for you. Dentistry is clinical arts and science. Dentistry is an artistic as well as scientific profession. Dentists must have an artist’s aesthetic sense, an eye for detail and the manual dexterity to perform precise procedures in a small area. Dentists must also be good communicators who can interact well with a diverse group of people. It’s important to recognize whether you have any of the above skills before considering a career in dentistry.

If possible, talk to your dentist and other dental health professionals and spend time in their clinics. This will give you an opportunity to see what life as a dentist is really like and whether this career choice is right for you.

Admission Requirements

There are certain basic pre-dental education courses that must be completed before enrollment in dental school. Since these requirements vary from school to school, it is essential that you contact the appropriate school(s) to determine specific admission requirements.

Universities Offering BSc BDS Dental Surgery(Dentistry) :

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi

University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry, Accra

Attending dental school is a huge financial and time commitment. You will spend a minimum of 6 years at dental school so it is important to ensure the school you choose to attend is the right school for you.

Tuition fees across Ghana continue to rise. Learn what the tuition fees are for the dental schools you want to apply to. Research what financial support options are available to you, either through personal savings, scholarship and bursaries or through government student loans.