Welcome to your QUIZ #1 ORAL PATHOLOGY

1) Which one of the following terms describes the base of a lesion that is stalk like?
Clinical diagnosis can be used to determine the final or definitive diagnosis of all of the following except

3) To determine the presence of blood dyscrasias, which  one of the following would provide the most definitive information?
4) Yellow clusters of ectopic sebaceous glands commonly observed on the buccal mucosa and evaluated through clinical diagnosis are most likely
5) The "white line" observed clinically on the buccal mucosa that extends from anterior to posterior along the occlusal plane is
6) These examples of exotoses are found on the lingual aspect of the mandible in the area of the premolars. they are benign, bony, and hard and require no treatment.  radiographically, they appear as radiopaque area and are often bilateral.  you suspect
Which one of the following terms is most often used when describing mandibular tori?
8) A small circumscribed lesion usually les than 1cm in diameter that is elevated and protrudes above the surface of normal surrounding tissue is called a
9) A sessile based lesion is
10) Which condition is most often seen on the buccal muscosa?

Leaderboard for QUIZ #1 ORAL PATHOLOGY

1. Kwabena Agyekum Asumadu-100%
2. Julius Amankwa-Boateng-90%
3. Sandra-80%
4. Kwaku Ola-80%
5. Kwame Gyampo-70%

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